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Business Development

Business Plan Design
  Manufacturers product portfolio & market analysis
Global category analysis & projections by country tailored to client sales goals
Competition Reports
Marketing Intelligence Analysis
  Intelligence reports on US, Asian & European healthcare product market potential, including products, buyers & suppliers
Analysis of market background, current leaders and product status, competition, strategic agenda, future trends
International business development projections based on country
Merger and acquisition due diligence
Product & Corporate Divestment Strategies
Regulatory Analysis
  Analysis of US, Asian & European regulatory & financials
Market trends, key issues, corporate strategies, mergers & acquisitions
Design of training materials for manufacturers US sales forces and new international supply chain partners
Supplier Technology

Identification and contracting with raw material suppliers for manufacturer
Create liaison betweenfinished product manufactuers, raw materials technologies & packaging sources
Global Supplier category analysis & market data
Identification & implementation strategies for cutting edge manufacturing and technology

Private Label
  Private label sales and marketing strategies, based on client needs
Identification of buyers for private label products
Contract manufacturing & negotiation
Mergers & Acquisitions assistance
Product divestment strategies




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avani's mission: Avani is your partner in building your brand image, sales, and market capture by serving as your comprehensive marketing, product launch, and supply chain management partner for the international market.