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Regulatory Approval & Market Clearance Support

Regulatory Analysis
  Analysis of US, Asian & European regulatory & financials
Market trends, key issues, corporate strategies, mergers & acquisitions
Design of training materials for manufacturers US sales forces and new international supply chain partners
Marketing Intelligence Analysis
  Intelligence reports on US, Asian & European healthcare product market potential, including products, buyers & suppliers
Analysis of market background, current leaders and product status, competition, strategic agenda, future trends
International business development projections based on country
Merger and acquisition due diligence
Product & Corporate Divestment Strategies


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Mr. Ash Chawla, MS, RPh
Chairman and CEO
Ms. Irene Jurca, Director
Phone: 440-871-5402

avani's mission: Avani is your partner in building your brand image, sales, and market capture by serving as your comprehensive marketing, product launch, and supply chain management partner for the international market.